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Affiliation of MSF program in India with Washington University(WU) in Saint Louis, USA:

The program called, “ Global Health Scholars in Medicine”, residents at WU were assigned to work with us at RKM Haridwar. We received appreciation certificate by Washington University.

Diabetes program at Haridwar and Certified Diabetes Educator India (CDEI) program at Vrindaban in 2017.

For ten years, starting in 2006, Dr. Santosh Gupta stayed for several months each year to run the program at Haridwar. Starting 2010, she spent considerable time physically and on-line teaching and running the CDEI program in Vrindaban.

In 2017 Manav Seva Foundation handed over the diabetes program to Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram Haridwar. At the same time, the International Diabetes Federation closed their education wing and the recognition program. Without recognition certificate from IDF, enrolment in the program went down significantly, resulting in the closing of the CDEI program.

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