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Manav Seva Foundation (MSF) is a secular, non-profit organization founded by Drs. Jitendra K. Gupta and Santosh Gupta. MSF is committed to generating resources and increasing awareness about diabetes and heart disease amongst the low-income populations of India, and to provide care and support to those affected.

"The world is facing a diabetes epidemic of potentially devastating proportions. Its impact will be felt most severely in developing countries”                           

WHO and International Diabetes Federation

"Look up on every man, women and every one as God. You can not help anyone. You can only serve; serve the children of Lord, serve the lord himself if you have the privilege. You may invent an image through which to worship god and that may be good: but better one, much higher one already exists, the human body"                             

Swami Vivekananda

Watch this video  to learn more about founders.
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